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Need a dynamic, entertaining speaker who will make your event a memorable success?

Ted Demopoulos is the recipient of the Department of Defense Award of Excellence for speaking, and has thrilled thousands of people from Caesars Palace to Disney World, Boston to San Francisco, and Stockholm to Tokyo since 1986. He always leaves audiences and meeting planners happy and inspired.

"Ted's combination of deep knowledge and unique humor really inspires."
-Dr. Jeffrey Stanton, Director of SISE and The Secure Business Initiative, Syracuse University

Ted is the author of several books on how information spreads on the Internet and is quoted and featured widely by the media ranging from USA Today to the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC to the Los Angeles Times, and Pizza Marketplace Today to the Investors Business Journal. He has been published in eight languages.

AllBusiness calls Ted an "Internet guru"

Popular topics include:

Seminars and Bootcamps

United Press International calls Ted an "IT expert"

Ted Demopoulos both develops custom educational solutions and leads information security bootcamps and seminars for the SANS Institute including:


eWeek calls Ted a "leading IT consultant"

Ted has been consulting in infosec for a couple of decades, with clients like T Rowe Price, The Hong Kong Post, Cisco Systems, The Singapore Ministry of Education, IBM, The UK Post Office and many smaller and startup companies.

Projects include:


Contact Ted Demopoulos: (1)603 659 0500 or ted at SecurityCerts dot Org.

Ted Demopoulos at Caesars Palace
Ted Demopoulos,  Caesars Palace