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Security Websites That Rock

Paul Dot Com

They know their stuff, they're cutting edge, and they're funny. No one ever fell asleep listening to PaulDotCom!

Or in their words:
"PaulDotCom Security weekly's mission is to provide free content within the subject matter of IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research. We strive to use new technologies to reach a wider audience across the globe to teach people how to grow, learn, and be security ninjas. The mixture of technical content and entertainment will continue to set a new standard for podcasting and Internet TV."

Information Security Videos - The Academy

The Academy provides instructional videos for the information security community. For the first time ever, the average user to seasoned industry experts will be able to watch instructional videos on how to install popular products, address common configuration issues, and troubleshoot difficult problems. The Academy is a user driven community and videos are created at the request of its members. Vendors can also leverage the site to showcase the features and capabilities of their products. The Academy is an ideal place to find and share knowledge with others practicing or interested in the information security field.

Or in my words, "These guys rock!"

Ethical Hacker Network

The Resource for forensics, pen testing, and incident response. Full of great info, and regularly updated. Great section on certifications on Ethical Hacking, Forensics, and Incident Response and check out the forums.

Security Recruiter

Jeff Snyder at knows infosec jobs and the infosec job marketplace. Check out his Web site, which is growing in leaps and bounds and has all kinds of valuable resources.

Network Security Blog
Network Security Podcast

A nice pair from Martin McKeay, who has also helped me with this site by providing very necessary and very critical feedback. I also interviewed Martin for my last book, and he's a great guy to have a beer with.

Martin has been blogging and podcasting on security for a very long time and does it very well. Thoughtful content I don't find elsewhere.

Forensic and Incident Response Blog

The unimitable forensics guru Rob Lee and a team of GIAC Certified Forensic Analysts (GCFA). Great stuff and their header graphics alone make this site worth visiting!


Douglas Haider's blog on wireless networking & security. Douglas is a smart guy and maybe I can talk him into writing the occasional article for

Computer Security Training

A useful view from The SANS Institute with a lot of links to both free and paid security training resources.

My Information Security Job

Some interesting articles for those of us in Information Security as well as Information Security, Risk Management, and Compliance jobs around the world.


A blog about packets, tools, and bacon. Judy Noval, Josh Wright, and Mike Poor. Need I say more?

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Ted Demopoulos at Caesars Palace
Ted Demopoulos,  Caesars Palace

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