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CISSP Study Guide & Acronyms v1.4 2015

We have updates to the NEW April 15 update from ISC2

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“I recently passed the CISSP exam and I found that the acronyms were one of the most difficult parts. I wish I had this two months ago.”
 -Anthony Lopreto, FynixSecurity

My one line advice:
"Study; relax; remember you just need to pass, not excel"

General Advice to Pass

Domain 1, Access Control, Acronyms

Domain 2, Telecommunications and Network Security Acronyms

Domain 3, Information Security Governance and Risk Management Acronyms

Domain 4, Software Development Security Acronyms

Domain 5, Cryptography Acronyms

Domain 6: Security Architecture and Design Acronyms

Domain 7: Security Operations Acronyms

Domain 8: Business Continuity and Disaster Recover Planning Acronyms

Domain 9: Legal, Regulations, Investigation and Compliance Acronyms

Domain 10: Physical (Environmental) Security Acronyms

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