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Information Security Certification Comparisons

I'm often asked how various security certifications compare to each other - this is a hot topic today.

I've written brief comparisons based on the questions I most commonly hear.

CISSP versus SANS GSEC Certification
The CISSP and SANS GSEC are two advanced certifications of the same difficulty, but with different focuses.

CISSP versus SANS GISP Certification
The CISSP and SANS GISP certifications test exactly the same information. In fact most people who take the GISP certification exam attend CISSP training. What are the differences and similarities?

SANS GSEC versus Security+ Certification
SANS GSEC is a much more advanced certification than the Security+ certification, but people often consider one or the other, in part because they are both very popular and visible and in part because both satisfy the DoD 8570 directive.

CISSP versus Security+ Certification
These are very different certifications, with different levels of difficulty and experience required.

Ted Demopoulos at Caesars Palace
Ted Demopoulos,  Caesars Palace